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Ecton Mine is now becoming a centre for scientific research. Apart from EMET involvement in the Horizon2020 UNEXMIN and UNEXUP projects, Ecton Mine is participating in a number of university-based and industry-sponsored projects:

  • Study of ‘clumped isotopes’ by the University of East Anglia to use isotopic composition of calcite to determine temperatures of the hydrothermal mineralising fluids
  • Ground-penetrating radar (GPR) survey of Ecton Hill to identify shallow underground workings as well as some geological structure
  • Test of microseismic technology for locating moving objects within the mine
  • Proposed study of muon flux detectors (Durham and Sheffield Universities)
  • Tests of new gravimeters with potential for detection of ore bodies or voids (Glasgow University)
  • LIDAR mapping and photogrammetric modelling of Deep Ecton adit and Salts Level

A presentation (given by EMET trustee Richard Shaw at the final UNEXMIN conference in Brussels, September 2019) on the archaeological and geological results from the Ecton trials of the UNEXMIN UX1-NATA robot.