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The lamp room

Ecton lies in Staffordshire, in the south-west corner of the Peak District National Park in the valley of the River Manifold. The nearest villages are Warslow and Hartington. The facilities at Ecton provide a unique environment for the pursuit of Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Geography, History, Physics, Social Sciences, Archaeology, Minerals Processing, Mining, and Surveying.

The Ecton Hillside

Just a wander over the Ecton Hillside is enough to whet the appetite for what else there is on offer. A James Watt engine house, stunning geological outcrops, a unique ecological system, dozens of shafts and adits and an unparalleled view from the hilltop make this an unforgettable experience.

The G A Cox Study Centre

Outdoor teaching area

The G A Cox study centre can be used as a meeting place, a lecture room (with a capacity of 25) or a laboratory (with all the equipment required for the EHFSA courses and more). There is also a changing room containing the necessary safety equipment for underground visits.

An outdoor meeting place/lecture area provides a pleasant alternative for fine weather activities.

Underground in Salt’s Level

Inside the mine: Salt’s Level

No visit to Ecton would be complete without an underground visit. Owing to Insurance restrictions most visitors will only be able to visit Salt’s level but this is a treasure trove of geological and historic mining features.

It is possible for specialist interest groups to explore the mine in greater detail (and depth) but only under strict conditions. See: Maintenance and Access Policy and Safety Policy under Documentation.